Taksey, Neff & Associates, LLC has provided all of OTJ Architects accounting needs since 1998. At that time we were a 2 million dollar company with 20 employees. We are now a 10 million dollar company with over 60 employees, and own our office building. Because of the quarterly analysis and guidance that Taksey, Neff & Associates, LLC provides, we have the tools to chart continuous growth for our company.

-Lance Jaccard, President, OTJ Architects, Inc.

During a 15+ year expansion and restructuring of my company, one consultant has, for me, risen to the level of trusted confidante, advisor, consigliore: Ed Neff and his team At Taksey, Neff & Associates, LLC. Regardless of how complicated the issues, facing my business, Ed and his team have always provided timely, consistent service that is spot on. The value added is immeasurable. I would recommend TNA strongly to any individual or business, large or small.

-Dr. Frank Faillace, President, Reston Anesthesia Associates, Inc.

Our law firm, Hamilton Altman Canale & Dillon, LLC, has used the accounting services of Jeff Taksey and Ed Neff for almost 20 years. During that time they have helped us achieve a level of financial success that would have been impossible without their expertise. They have a firm grasp of the details of accounting and more importantly, the metrics that drive our industry. Their knowledge of tax and accounting principles as they apply to the economic issues of the legal industry has helped us achieve solutions to problems that were both practical and cost effective.

-Frank Canale, Managing Partner, Hamilton, Altman, Canale & Dillon LLC.

Taksey, Neff & Associates, LLC has been an important part of my business success since 1991. Jeff Taksey began our working relationship by helping me craft a business plan for my first company All About Fitness. That plan was very instrumental in helping AAF land key product lines and credit terms despite being a start-up company. Jeff has contributed insightful and valuable business advice as well as providing outstanding accounting work. I have worked with Jeff through the lifecycle of a couple different businesses including the sale of All About Fitness. His advice on and understanding of the impact of the many decisions that had to be made during the sale helped guide me through very unfamiliar territory.

Beyond Jeff’s individual work with me and my businesses, the staff At Taksey, Neff & Associates, LLC has been outstanding in their responsiveness and professionalism. They are very thorough and always have an answer for my questions that is backed up by sound reasoning.

Over the years many other CPA firms have asked for our business. Usually the approach is that they are local and can service us better because of that. I have never considered a switch for a very simple one word reason: TRUST. Jeff and the staff At Taksey Neff & Associates, LLC have earned my complete trust in their actions and advice.

-Luther C. Hunnings, President, Colorado Home Fitness, Inc.